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Welcome to our support desk

Welcome to our customer service website produced to give you the fastest answers to any questions that you may have being member of NWM Websites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We encourage you to review the FAQ before contacting our customer service. The online FAQ is updated and contains answers to many of the most common questions.

What's your support policy?

Our support site was designed with you in mind. We offer easy and effective solutions to the most common support requests on a 24-hour basis.

How will the charge for my purchase appear on my statement?

Your credit card will be discreetly billed by "CCBillEU", "Zombaio" or "Vendo"

How does the Trial membership work?

Our sites offer limited access only with their trial memberships. Limited might mean that some or all of the video content on a site is unavailable to trial subscribers. This is done so that users might have a preview of the content while still protecting us from the risk of someone downloading all the site's files with a download accelerator. In order to gain full access to the site's content you will need to purchase a full membership.Trial memberships upgrade automatically to the standard monthly membership plan unless you cancel within the trial period.

A Note on Chargebacks and Fraudulent Transactions:

All chargebacks are thoroughly investigated and may add you to a global fraud database. All internet companies use this database. Denying a purchase that you have made is illegal and will result in an investigation which can lead to heavy fines or other legal action toward you. Your credit rating can be affected by false claims of fraud. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to clarify the matter. Don't destroy your internet credit by being added to the fraud blacklist.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you want to cancel a membership, please click on the following link: Cancel Subscription

I lost my password. How do I recover my password?

If you want to recover your password, please click on the following link: Retrieve Your Password

I just signed up and have not received my login information.

Your login information was sent to the email address you signed up with. Try checking the spam or junk folder. If you are still having problems, contact us.

The video content on the site loads slowly. How do I play it directly from my hard drive?

To save the file in a specific place (such as your desktop or another folder), right-click on the appropriate file format link and choose the "Save Target As ..." option (This is the same as the "Save Link As..." option in Firefox). Then name the file and save it to your hard drive as usual. On an Apple computer, hold down "Ctrl" and click the appropriate file format link, then choose "Download link to disk." You will now be able to retrieve and play the file at any time from the location selected on your computer.

More questions?

We will be happy to assist you - Send your support request right now

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